Friday, January 4, 2008


Is it shameless to admit that I watch "Gossip Girl" and I enjoy it? Boy, that Blair is a real meanie!!! And, how cute are Serena and Dan??? Ok, I'm not quite that into it, but in watching the past few episodes (I have DVR'd them and am catching up, since there are no new "Pushing Daisies" on right now) I have picked up on the plot really quick (I'm v. smart like that) and they actually have some interesting music choices. Two bands that some of you may have heard of but I had not are The Pierces and Band of Horses. Good stuff. Anyway, some new music will give me something productive to consider while I ponder whether or not the cultural divide between Dan and Serena's families will tear them apart, or whether poor Nate will see the light and send Blair back into the arms of her perfectly equally evil soulmate, Chuck. And, is Lily really going to marry Chuck's father? How could she, when she still loves Rufus??? See...I'm not really that into it. Just a little bit into it. You believe, me...right?

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