Friday, March 7, 2008

Girly Girl

Ok, I usually keep my fingernails natural and rather short (because of all my outdoorsy pursuits), but lately, my nails have been long and I did a French manicure last week that looked great. Of course, just as my nails start looking good, I'm bound to break one, and then I'll just cut them all off and start over again. Yesterday, I went to a new nail salon here in Knoxville and got a gel nail manicure. This is a manicure that applies a tip and coat of gel over top of the natural nail to protect it from peeling, chipping, breaking, or snagging. My "new nails" are the exact same length of my "real nails" underneath. In fact, they are my "real nails" with a protective gel coat over top. The great thing is, they aren't any longer than I normally grow my nails, and the natural state of a gel nail is white tip and opaque nail bed...hence, perma French manicure. No longer will I have to trim, wait, grow, paint, polish, gloss, then break. I think I like this pampered look! Plus, it'll be a lot harder to break one when mucking stalls or tacking up. Score one for the prissy princess in me just waiting to make her way to the surface.

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