Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sounds fishy!

I'm not sure what I would do if I found $97,ooo in cash in a Cracker Barrel bathroom. Keep it? Give it back? Walk away? I guess this Murfreesboro lady who returned the money and declined the $1000 reward doesn't have a running vet bill at UT Veterinary Hospital. I may not have kept the $97k, but I really wouldn't have turned down the $1000 reward.

But, the real quandry here isn't "what would I do if I found it?" but, rather, where on earth did that money come from? Obviously, there was something afoot. A tapestry bag hanging on a door with $97k in cash rolled up in it? Yeah, there's something going on there. But, if you have DONE SOMETHING (robbed a bank?) in order to acquire that amount of money (in $1000 bills) and hidden it away, then wouldn't you be concentrated enough on THAT ISSUE where you wouldn't just accidentally leave it in a Cracker Barrel bathroom? This is an interesting story, to say the least...

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