Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mud 'n' Muck

Let's talk about rain shoes. 

Charlie rain boots, available at Anthropologie

I am done with the cheap, plastic-y, low-quality rubber muck boots I've had the past few years. Although they are very cute (polka dots! pink boots decorated with little brown galloping ponies!) and inexpensive, they have been full of cracks and holes, under average amounts of use, long before the mud season is over. We haven't had a lot of mud around here, but we have had enough rain to produce frequent wet grass and soggy pastures that I trudge through in the daily barn routine. I'm so tired of pulling on knee socks and old, worn-out tennis shoes. I refuse to go back to the hole-y rain boots left over from this past winter. And, although simple flip-flops are affordable, waterproof, and easy to step into, they are not exactly the "barn shoes" widely endorsed by responsible horse owners. 

I saw this great post on Charleston Grit recently and I was encouraged by the variety of cute options in water/mud resistant footwear. So many styles, colors, and choices! As much as I like the wedges, I am pretty sure I would hurt myself in those while climbing the rickety aluminum ladder into my hay loft to pitch hay each morning. The black boots are adorable, although too much like winter wear to be fun in the summer. But, the ballet flats are intriguing. I may need to look into this exciting new development and make a purchase soon!

Florence rain flats, available at Anthropologie

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