Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Eddie Time

Now, I know I spent all last weekend with Eddie, but I never just spend time with him that doesn't feel like we're working or scrambling to get ready for a competition. So, last night, I saddled him up and we went for a hack out on the back of my property, through the woods and out to my property line. I don't do that very often, since it's sketch back there in the wilderness (you never know who or what may be lurking around) and because if I fall off and Eddie runs back's a long and possibly painful walk for me back to my house! But, things were perfect last evening and we just trotted and cantered through the fields, down the lane, and over the hills. It was pleasant and breezy, and I just enjoyed being alone with my horse. I'm not exactly anti-social or a loner, but if I have the option of spending time with my horse or with a crowd of people out in a bar, I'd rather be with my horse 99.9% of the time. :)

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