Monday, April 7, 2008

First outing of the year

This past weekend, Eddie and I traveled to Nashville to compete in a Middle TN Pony Club schooling horse trial. We did the Novice division, which only consisted of dressage and show jumping (no cross-country). I was a bit apprehensive, as this is only our second time competing at Novice (first time was also an unrecognized schooling horse trial) and I haven't ridden much nor really jumped Eddie in the past few months. He did spend time in boot camp in February, but that wasn't with me and he never did any jumping. I just figured that this was all in the name of practice, so we'd see how it all turns out. Well, he was very unhappy about the muddy footing in the grass dressage arena, but he LOVED show jumping and couldn't have been happier! He over-jumped everything by about a mile, and he was flipping his tail and bucking...pretty much being a total punk all weekend long. He had a great time and we ended up 5th. It was a positive and productive event and I can't wait to get back out there again.

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