Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Horses!

I just posted a link on my sidebar to my friend, Melissa Neill Webb's, blog about her farm/business, Paradigm Farms. (That's Melissa in the picture riding "Catfish" at the 2006 Middle Tennessee Pony Club Horse Trials in Nashville, TN.) She and her husband, Jason, run a retirement farm for older horses and she is a really special person when it comes to the ultimate in horse care. Having recently lost my horse Reece, I don't envy her the obvious sorrow and heartache that comes with caring for sick, injured, or elderly horses, as their passing is a constant eventuality. However, I am comforted -- as is Melissa -- by the fact that, although they must at some point cross the rainbow bridge, we can make their stay here with us better than they ever thought the time that we are blessed to have with them. Check out her blog and see what it's all about!


amykevin said...

You should also add on my 2 blogs

And check out

Holly said...

Amy, what are your blog addresses?

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I just came to catch up on reading your blog and saw this. What an incredibly nice post, you made my day!