Sunday, July 13, 2008

White Wedding

My friends, Sarah and Ian Feathers, got married at Sarah's parents' farm in Bristol, TN back in May. Sarah and I grew up together riding horses and we travel together to horse trials when I have the money and she is free from school/work (she is a 4th year vet student at UT). In fact, exactly one year prior to the day of the wedding, we were all at a competition in Lexington for the weekend and Ian had even amazed us all when I blew a tire on the horse trailer and he changed it in about 10 minutes flat. Sarah would have been crazy not to say "yes" after that!!!

Their wedding was held outside the old farmhouse on the historic property that has been Sarah's family since the Revolutionary War. In fact, it is a historical site where the great Pemberton Oak (Pemberton is Sarah's middle name) stood until it was destroyed by lightening several years ago. Not only was it a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding, but the guests were all family friends and fellow churchgoers that have known one another for years and years. Some of the people in attendance knew my parents before I was even born and hadn't seen me (until the wedding) since I was about 7 or 8 years old. It was a lovely occasion and the highlight of the afternoon came when Sarah rode her event horse, Rajit, down the aisle. The "get-away car" was a hay wagon pulled by a tractor and driven by Sarah's sister Kelly's husband, and the reception was held under a tent in their riding arena in the middle of the field (she literally had moved her jumps to the side of the ring and set up the tables and chairs).

It was the type of wedding that any outdoor horsey girl would want and everyone had a lovely time.
Here's to Sarah and Ian!

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