Monday, August 11, 2008

*Big sigh of relief*

The cross-country portion of the Olympic eventing competition was held this morning (or, rather, last night Eastern Time). I watched almost every second online (THANK YOU BOB HUGHES and NBC!!!) and I was thrilled that there were some really challenging jumps, tricky situations, and exciting moments on course, but that everyone either finished fine or called it a day before anybody got hurt. Good for our sport and good for everyone that was there! Sorry for Amy Tryon (who fell), Andrew Nicholson (who fell), Becky Holder (one runout, one technical refusal), and Karen O'Connor (who had 2 runouts). The U.S. team took a beating, other than Gina Miles and Phillip Dutton who both finished in fine style and gave us at least something to smile about. Gina actually has a good shot at an individual medal going into the show jumping. Best of luck to everyone tomorrow night (or, rather, early tomorrow morning Eastern Time!).

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