Thursday, December 1, 2011

Friday Favorites: Alexandra Green

Alex at the Fair Hill International CCI2* 2011
Photo by Shannon Brinkman

Once again, I have a fabulous and fun rider as my "Friday Favorite." Alexandra Green is a lovely and talented young eventer from Knoxville. For the past several years, she has acquired a solid and impressive record at a number of competitions in Area III, as well as various sites up and down the East Coast. Recently, she and her horse, Fernhill Cubalawn, finished 3rd at the Red Hills CIC1* and she galloped round the Fair Hill CCI2* just two months ago. Deservedly so, she was named last week to the USEF 2012 Developing Rider List. I think it is safe to say that she and Cuba have a very exciting future together!

Not only is Alex a gifted rider, but she is also a positive and enthusiastic ambassador for our sport. At the conclusion of Fair Hill, she recapped a challenging run in an honest and humble entry on her blog: " Always listen to your horse. 
Cuba has been cruising around the Intermediate the last five months, making me very optimistic about going out and having a speedy round at Fair Hill. Unfortunately, Cuba’s fitness was not ready to endure the deep footing and cold weather compared to his hard ground and warm breeze back home. He was a pretty tired pony by minute seven, and I had to take off the gas and nurse him around the last third of the course finishing with a bit of time but atleast I had a horse to show jump the next day. If I had kept kicking for time, there could have been a good chance I would not have made it through the finish flags. That would have been a long drive home if I had kept pushing for time, and I’m glad I took care of my horse out there and helped him when he needed it.

Alex and Fernhill Cubalawn, Fair Hill 2011
Photo by Shannon Brinkman

And now, here's a little more about Alex and some of her favorite things:

1. Favorite name for a horse:  Jakey (Maybe because I have a bit of a crush on the horse Jacob Two Two)
2. Favorite drink:  Milk
3. Favorite vacation destination:  East Coast kicking it in my LQ's trailer of course. Horses aside, I love the mountains and hiking.
4. Favorite book:  Harry Potter
5. Favorite reality t.v. show:  America's Next Top Model
6. Favorite pair of shoes:   I have a weakness for beautiful heels, but I probably love my Brooks running shoes more then life itself.
7. Favorite high school subject:  Government
8. Favorite pizza topping:  All of the veggies
9. Favorite city that you've never lived in:  New York City
10. Favorite motto:  "You can always do more, be more, live more."

Alex and Cuba, Fair Hill 2011
Photo by Shannon Brinkman

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