Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Eddie is a "Pig"

I saw this article earlier today on Horse Nation and I couldn't contain my curiosity. I had to know if Eddie and I had been destined to be together all along. Are we a perfect match? Let's see....

I was born in the Year of the Ox, and Eddie was born in the Year of the Pig. According to this analysis, horses born in the Year of the Pig are " honest, frank, and gallant. They maintain an outer and inner calmness, have a strong heart, and will do anything you want once you have earned their friendship -- they are very loyal. They enjoy working through problems and puzzles. Because they are so trusting, one of the Pig-Horse's weaknesses is that they are easily taken advantage of." After reading this description, I was shocked!!! That is Eddie to a tee.

When I scrolled down the page to see the horse/rider match analysis, I was disappointed to see that an Ox/Pig partnership "needs effort." That sounds like a typical judge's comment on any of our various dressage test movements, so that seems about right. But, then I looked at some of the others and they read "hard work," "hard going," "tricky pair," "ups and downs," and "not matching!" In all reality, a result such as "superb match," "great fun," and "truly loving" would be fabulous, but where is the challenge in always having an easy time of it? I love puzzles, and apparently a horse born in the Year of the Pig loves to "work through problems and puzzles" too, so it's obvious we are the dream pair. I am loyal, Eddie is loyal; I am honest, Eddie is honest; I am calm with a strong heart, Eddie is calm with a strong heart. In my eyes, "needs effort" just means that there is satisfaction in a challenge met while traversing the bumpy road together. And, if that's truly the case, I didn't really need the Chinese zodiac to tell me that. It's clear to anyone who knows me and Eddie that we are indeed a perfect match!

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