Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Inner Kelsey

I love my friends. The only thing I really don't like about my friends is that almost all of them live in some other town, in some other state. Most of the time, I'm forced to catch up long distance via phone, text, or Facebook, which means that my daily life is pretty dull (and Smartphone-dependent). Because I live alone and keep mainly to myself, I tend to have a very busy inner monologue as I go through my daily routine. I've come to realize that oftentimes, I will think of something I want to tell to or share with one of my friends, and I can instantly think what her reaction or response would be....even hearing it in her own voice. Inevitably, it's something silly, so this internal conversation always makes me smile. Sometimes, the running dialogue keeps me entertained as I feed the critters, or as I ride Eddie, or as I walk the pig. Anytime I've got the chance to think to myself, I'm probably having a talk with one of my far-off friends. I guess that if I only get to see my BFF Kelsey once or twice a year, a telepathic chat session of my own creation on a regular basis will just have to suffice. At least, if anything, it certainly keeps me entertained.

Now, before you become concerned about me and question whether or not I spend a lot of time in an upstairs bedroom papered with yellow, flowered wallpaper, just know that I am perfectly sane. I simply miss my friends sometimes. For all of you out there, I guess this means that I think about you every day and I look forward to the upcoming event season when I will finally get to see you all again!

One of my frequent conversationalists, Kelsey, and her former
steeplechase OTTB, Geno, at his first show.
I think he's got that stadium jumping thing all figured out!

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