Thursday, November 29, 2007


I first became educated to the amazing genius of Dale Chihuly's glass artwork a number of years ago, back before I went to grad school. There was an exhibit of his work here in Knoxville at the KMA and I visited that temporary installation several times. I couldn't get enough of it! When I was in Cincinnati a few weeks ago for work, we all went to the museum of art for the afternoon. I enjoyed so much of what I saw (there was an original Maxfield Parrish painting there, and I LOVE MAXFIELD PARRISH!!! I got to stand close to the actual canvas and see every tiny brush stroke and every drop of paint he was amazing), but was obviously thrilled when I walked through the front doors and there was an incredible Chihuly "chandelier" hanging from the ceiling in the entrance hall.

I also frequently enjoy going to his
official web site and looking at all of the beautiful photographs of his various installations from around the world. Just going and looking at his "lap pool" work is well worth the time to check out his site.

"I love to be around water. The connections between glass and water are so unbelievable and so visual. There is no doubt in my mind that water is conducive to thought. Water allows me to be incredibly creative. I work with four materials, of any scale—glass, plastic, water, and ice. And it is really light that makes those materials come alive."
-- Chihuly

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