Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I will win.

Brad Paisley is playing here in Knoxville on February 1st. I don't really want to buy tickets at 9:00 this coming Saturday morning, and it is predicted the show will sell out in only a day or two. Our local country music station, WIVK, is periodically giving away 2 tickets in a contest where they play a current country music song at a faster pace and "polka" style, and listeners have to guess which song it is. I'm soooo good at this. Anyway, they did a song this morning on my drive in to work, but I didn't catch the number to call (I never do things like, call radio stations) but when I heard the song, I knew exactly what song it was. It was "Fall" by Clay Walker!!! I knew it!!! But, I didn't have the number to call!!!

People were calling and guessing really stupid stuff or just blanking when it was their turn to guess. Nobody won, so they went to commercial, and did it again about 5 or 6 minutes later. Some girl called in and guessed "Fall," and you bet...she was right. So, Carrie with a "C" won my 3rd row seats at the Brad Paisley concert this morning. ARggggghhh. That's alright. I'll get them next time. I just went to WIVK's web site and put the contest line number on speed dial on my cellphone. Look out, peeps, because someone is about to win some concert tickets!

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