Thursday, January 20, 2011

Learn to ride cross-country!

After posting about the Badminton XC safety measures last week, I went to look at a few additional links on the British Eventing web site and I scanned through several of the elements they provide for informing riders, owners, event organizers, trainers/coaches, venue owners, spectators, etc. I clicked on a section devoted to their "Safety Manifesto" and I found a video there that is designed to show how to effectively and more safely ride cross-country. Now, as we all know, you can't learn how to ride cross-country from a video, but they do an excellent job of providing visual evidence in a very short amount of time/space of what we *should* look like when riding XC. If anything, it is interesting and instructive, although I have to think that surely I have had my fair share of moments on course that represented the "unstable in the saddle" demonstrations as opposed to the "stable and secure in the saddle" examples. But, that's why we practice, folks!

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