Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekend Weirdness

My sister will really appreciate this blog entry.

Huh.....Barbie is looking pretty rough. I'm not sure what is going on with the 
mixed-race Fisher Price couple there in the bottom, either. I'm pretty sure they 
were from my Fisher Price Merry-Go-Round, way back in the day.

The other night, I went up into my attic and pulled out some old books from storage to take to the used bookstore and I went through a few other boxes to get rid of some junk I just have piled up there (old silk flowers, empty cardboard boxes, old plastic kitchen bowls and utensils, etc.). While I was poking around in some luggage that is stored in the corner, I found an ancient, white Lady Baltimore train case that used to belong to my grandmother. I brought it back downstairs and decided to clean it up and set it in my bedroom on top of an old hatbox I have on my dresser. When I opened it up, I unexpectedly found my secret Barbie stash from about a million years ago. So, THAT is what happened to Dallas's saddle!!!

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