Monday, January 17, 2011

This is what happens......

YSL "Palais Mohawk" (or "pony mane") purple suede pumps
(I wonder if these also come in chestnut and white?)

......when you Google "pony shoes." So then, naturally, I Googled: "gorgeous purple designer shoes." It just all went downhill from there. It got particularly out-of-control when the images started including "gorgeous purple" designer HANDBAGS sprinkled amongst the images of the shoes, as well. Thanks for wasting 2 hours of my life, Google elves.

Christian Louboutin purple suede pumps
(I'm not a huge fan of plain, purple suede, but there is
something about the color combination of the purple and
the signature Louboutin red that is quite striking)

YSL tribute stilleto (I'm speechless!)

Christian Louboutin pump with purple flower
(Out of all these selections, this is definitely "me." I could 
think of a 1,000 places to wear these and I can envision just what 
exactly I would wear them with. The possibilities are endless!)

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