Friday, January 14, 2011

SPOTTED: adorable pony at the beach

"Spotty" arriving with the other horses. 

Or, I could have also titled this: "Spotted, adorable pony at the beach." Either way, he's as cute as can be!

Well, it's been a cold and snowy week here in Tennessee. So, I'm naturally daydreaming about warmer climates and riding my horse somewhere pleasant and, the beach. After stumbling upon the quirky photo I posted the other day of Michael Dagostino (
Redneck Eventing), I scanned over more photo albums on the Oakford Equestrian Centre site and I came across these of Spotty and his friends.

"Spotty" takes a swim.

It appears the riders from Oakford take frequent trips with their horses to the beach and in these pictures, "Spotty" got to go along too. I have several friends who ride and event ponies, and I have several friends who ride and event Appaloosas (or Appy crosses). These pictures should make EVERYBODY happy, then! 


Anonymous said...

Hi I love your article on spotty! Hes nearly my fave pony(apart from my horse). Im frequently seen with my friend double dinking at the beach and just trail riding round the place. Spotty also loves jumping though he can only make it to 60cm free jumping!

Holly Ratcliff said...

Wow, a comment from one of Spotty's friends! Thank you for checking in! Spotty is truly adorable. :-)