Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dogs Rule

Barn mascots

I couldn't help swiping this photo from [Robyn DeVaney] via the Facebook page for her [new farm in South Carolina]. But, since she occasionally reads my blog, I'm hoping she won't mind so much. These two little guys are simply too stinkin' cute not to share! I've had a busy, busy week thus far, since school started on Monday. I met over 60 new students in less than 24 hours.....and I always endeavor to learn their names within the first week of class. Whew, this will be a challenge! Sorry for being quiet on the blog front lately, but once things settle, I'll have much more to write. 

For now, though, enjoy the pic of Robyn's dogs lovin' life. Oh, to be a barn dog.......


Anonymous said...

don't mind one bit!!!! Any friend of Kelsey's is a friend of mine :) Glad you enjoyed the picture

Becca said...

Awww - I love it!!! The furbabies are famous!! :-)