Wednesday, August 10, 2011

River Glen Revisited

As I posted last week, this past Saturday and Sunday was the River Glen summer horse trials here in Knoxville....and, my BFF Kelsey brought her sweet Pirate up from NC to run the Intermediate division. I was busy as her groom on Saturday morning, and then as the trusty, friendly warm-up steward for XC on Sunday, so I didn't get a lot of pictures or video, but here's some of what I did get. With cloudy skies on Saturday and cloud-cover most of Sunday morning, we lucked out and had decent temperatures for what is usually a scorcher down here by the river. I think everyone had a great weekend and I saw lots of smiling faces. Looking forward to seeing everybody again soon at AECs next month!

Pretty, pretty Pirate!

Kelsey and Pirate's dressage test.

Kelsey and Pirate's show jumping round (one of 
the few with less than 10 faults in the Int. division).

Leila Cluff-Ryan and Blue Horse. This one is for my
Appy eventer friends!

Local Knoxville eventer and all-around fabulous chick, Erika Adams,
on Williston.

Erika and Williston.

Erika and Williston over the last!

An adorable terrier belonging to Knoxville MFHs and eventing family,
Grosvenor, Rosemarie, and Nicolette Merle-Smith.


Nope, not Eddie. Up close, it's clear that Eddie has never been this
well-groomed in his life!

Pirate ready to go home to Camp Ratcliff after show jumping
on Saturday morning.

The reward after a hard-working weekend: It's boat-time in Tennessee!

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