Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Favorites: Mary Bess Sigman

Photo via Triple Creek Eventing

For those of us in USEA Area III, Mary Bess Sigman is a familiar name, face, and personality on the southern eventing scene. Riding out of Triple Creek Eventing in Mansfield, GA, Mary Bess is hugely supported by her family, including her father (FEI veterinarian, Dr. Michael Sigman). Mary Bess has a diverse history in the equestrian world, with a well-rounded foundation in Pony Club, experience in hunters, and even a turn in vaulting. For someone who is an incredibly accomplished eventer in her own right, her students are also very talented, successful, and hard-working -- a tribute to Mary Bess's positive impact on all of the horses and riders with whom she comes in contact.

Recently, I caught up with Mary Bess when she was at River Glen Horse Trials a few weeks ago, and she was competing a familiar-looking little chestnut horse. This "familiar-looking" little fellow is none other than Theodore al Coda, the brother to the much-beloved "Teddy." I've bugged Mary Bess to tell me more about him and she has enthusiastically agreed, so I can't wait to hear their story. Until then, here is this week's Friday Favorites.

1. Favorite name for a horse:  Moe (My first advanced horse)
2. Favorite drink:  Pina Colada
3. Favorite vacation destination:  Hawaii
4. Favorite book:  The Devil Wears Prada
5. Favorite reality t.v. show:  Jersey Shore
6. Favorite pair of shoes:   flip-flops
7. Favorite high school subject:  Biology
8. Favorite pizza topping:  ground beef
9. Favorite city that you've never lived in:  Charleston
10. Favorite motto:  "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

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Amanda said...

I L.O.V.E. Mary Bess! Awesome you're featuring her on your blog :)