Monday, September 19, 2011

Hat Lady

I love wearing hats. I'm not necessarily talking about the flamboyant and garish, over-the-top hats that come out once a year at Derby time. I'm talking about the hats that cap off that pristine new coiffure at a formal garden party, or the perfect topper to match your shoes at an autumn wedding. 

The Brits are great at many things. One of those things happens to involve the sport of eventing. That's indisputable. So, what happens when you pair a world class eventer with some amazing couture hats? And, yes, we can add that this eventer is also a blue-blooded royal. That lends itself to 1). many social and cultural opportunities to wear a fancy hat, 2). the need for those fancy hats to be stylish and unique, and 3). exposure on an international level that means everybody sees her and her hat. Fortunately, Zara Phillips is a connoisseur of fine hats and she wears them well. And, not only is she a hat girl, but she is a "hat and coat" girl, which I just adore. It's not always the hat or the coat, but the hat and the coat together that can make the outfit truly incredible. 

So, [hats off to Mrs. Tindall], who can wear a Philip Treacy just as elegantly as a Charles Owen.

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