Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Seeing Stars

So, my BFF, Kelsey......oh, do I even need to tell you again who my BFF is, at this point? Anyway, my BFF is entered in the CCI* at the [Hagyard Midsouth 3-day & Team Challenge] at the Kentucky Horse Park in October. I am going with her as one of her 4 grooms (there are 3 other people and only 1 horse, so how hard can this really be?) and I am very excited. Kelsey and Pirate have actually won a Training 3-day and a Preliminary horse trial -- and they just ran their 5th or 6th Intermediate at AECs -- so a one-star seems like the next logical step....particularly since she's aiming for the CCI** next year at Jersey Fresh. 

Trotting up at the 3-day in Ocala.

This worked for Florida in the sunshine, but something more
"Georgie Spence" may be in order for Lexington in October. 

I am getting all of my classes organized, lessons planned, and students settled -- one month in advance -- to ensure that nothing stands in the way of my being there for my girl and the baby Pirate in Kentucky. Kelsey has been adamant about entering only classic format CCIs (where/when they are offered) which means she typically has to do some driving (Kentucky, Virginia, and Florida being the closest long formats around). I can't support her financially in long-format endeavors, so my time, energy, and moral support will have to suffice. I will also be on hand to offer some advice regarding trot-up attire (because sometimes, girlfriend needs a little help), but I just hope against hope that she doesn't expect me to do any braiding. My newly air-brushed French tips say "No way." 


Kelsey said...

Can I wear my long purple trenchcoat for one of the jogs??? PuhLEAZE?????!!!!!

Holly Ratcliff said...

Of course! I love that coat and it is totally appropriate. Although, we need to plan for any weather/social/culture/political/medical/economic/or otherwise important, unexpected factor. Bring lots of clothes and shoes.....just in case.

Holly Ratcliff said...

By the way? "Bring lots of clothes and shoes....just in case" may have to be our new motto. Put it on a t-shirt. :-)