Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sisterly Love and Affection

My sister's birthday was back at the end of August and, naturally, I got her a little present to mark the occasion. I got her a nice, wooden, shadowbox-ish, recessed photo frame so that she can proudly display a picture of her boyfriend, or her horse, or her dog, or her cat. I still don't know what picture she decided to put in it, but I know what picture was in it. Instead of keeping the generic, commercial shot that was provided with the new frame, I printed out a more "personal" picture to place in it when I gave it to her. And, here it is:

This photo was taken by one of the MFHs at the Tennessee Valley Hunt's opening meet a few years ago. I am riding Eddie (of course) and Melissa is riding Rebel, our mom's Walking Horse (who loves to go hilltopping with the hunt, when someone decides to take him). I think the other aspects of the photo are self-explanatory. I'm hoping that a portion of my gift to Melissa wasn't just the picture frame, but the laugh she got when she saw the customized photo. Good times. :-)

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