Sunday, October 9, 2011


Julie and Gilbert with their first place goodies!

My friend, Julie Downard, has had a lean year or so (I'm certainly no stranger to that!) and has not been out competing as much as she used to. A few weeks ago, she had some "super kind financial backers" who helped her to enter this past weekend's Middle Tennessee Pony Club horse trials in Nashville. Julie has not trained with anyone, ridden in any clinics, schooled cross-country, or competed much at all in many months, but she spent the past 6 weeks or so preparing diligently for her one event this year. 

Today, she and Gilbert (Sullivan's Luck) finished on their dressage score of 37.5 to win her Beginner Novice division at MTPC. Congrats to Julie, who is the inspiration of under-funded Tennessee amateur eventers (meaning  ME) everywhere!

Julie and Gilbie at their last MTPC event a few years ago.

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