Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Guilty Pleasure

One of my guilty pleasures is definitely American and British pop music. My real passion is music like Snow Patrol, Coldplay, Keane, Travis, Damien Rice, Paolo Nutini, Muse, My Morning Jacket, Deathcab for Cutie, Arcade Fire, Regina Spektor, Kaiser Chiefs, Old 97's, etc., but occasionally I come down off my music-snob pedestal and slum it with the rest of the radio geeks.

For some unexplained reason, I love Maroon 5. I have both of their cd's, and while I don't listen to them constantly, I will put one of them in the cd player when I want a little pick-me-up (sometimes, Damien can really drag me down). Actually, I wouldn't say that I love Maroon 5 for "some unexplained reason." I think that Adam Levine's voice, and certainly his physical appearance, are explanation enough. He ranks up there on my Beckham Scale of Hottness at right about "8 Becks" (with "10 Becks" clearly being the highest possible score), right below Ioan Gruffudd at "9 Becks" and just above Gary Lightbody at a solid "7 Becks." Adam is a cute enough guy for sure (this picture says it all), but he strikes me as the type of guy who is attractive, but is most likely almost irresistable in his actual presence. It's probably more his physical demeanor that is hott, and not entirely just his looks. Sort of like Rhett Miller, who is very lovely to look at, but will absolutely stop your heart and take your breath away when you're standing right in front of him (although he really is a little small and pasty in person).

This pop music addiction of mine is just like candy: incredibly tasty and satisfying in the moment, but completely unnecessary and unfulfilling in the long-run. We all need our guilty pleasures, though, or else we become dull and average. And everybody knows that I don't do "dull" or "average."

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