Thursday, July 5, 2007


...Not that I'll really be taking one anytime soon, but the next great vacation I get to take, I want to do this: cave tubing in Belize. I saw a thing about this on the Travel Channel last weekend and it looked so fun. Not as fun as 8 hours of tubing down the Swanannoa River in Swanannoa, NC (with my college roommate and her brother), but different, at least!

"The Belize Cave Branch River flows through four caves on its course from the Maya Mountains to its confluence with the Sibun River. Slickrock puts-in near Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Jungle Lodge, who also offers cave tubing rather than rafting. After the put-in you paddle through several miles of jungle and orange groves cut from the jungle before approaching a rugged section of hills that have eroded into what is known as karst topography. Huge white cliffs covered with vines rise dramatically from the thick jungle, and suddenly the river veers right into one, where we enter a river cave that soon envelopes us in complete darkness. Using headlamps for lighting the way, the current takes us through the caves, which occasionally pass by openings into the jungle."

Sign me up!!

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