Friday, October 22, 2010

Answered prayers

Schooling in Nashville
September 2010
I'm all about the power of prayer, and I feel that the Lord answers prayers in many different ways. Sometimes it's overt, sometimes it's subtle; sometimes it's in a way that is unexpected, and sometimes answers seem to never come at all. Yesterday, as I tacked up to ride for my second jump school of the week, I felt like it was a beautiful day and that -- inevitably -- I was due for a bouncing. I've been jumping in earnest again this week here at home and Eddie has been great. We've been getting back into our previous form, but I have a healthy skepticism for what looks like a winning's never good to get overly optimistic: pride comes before a fall. I've also changed Eddie's bit from the small, hollow-mouth Eggbutt snaffle I've been riding him in to no effect for the past 2 years. I've reinstated his old bit, a Happy Mouth Mullen-mouth loose ring snaffle. He has been much better about contact and responds immediately to my pleasant half-halts. I just don't think he liked the eggbutt snaffle. This "new" bit is hardly more severe. I guess it's just different. Whatever works, though, is fine with me!

As I tacked up, I was thinking about how I should be enthusiastic, yet still wary, regarding Eddie's recent attitude adjustment and "good," "willing" behavior (yes, it is time he lived up to his name again). I said a little prayer along the lines of "Dear God, if I do fall off today, just let me break my left arm....for at least the 4th time in my life...and not my right arm. I need to be able to continue to type, write, and teach to make money! So, please, if I'm due for an injury, just make it my left arm."

To make a long story short, I didn't fall and Eddie wasn't bad. BUT...we did get an awkward 1/2 stride into a vertical, whereby I jumped up Eddie's neck, and when he took off, his neck came back into my hands and hyperextended my left thumb so badly that I thought I heard the pop echo across the entire field! I was sure that when I took off my glove that my thumb would just be hanging there, completely out of the socket. I cantered away on landing and then pulled up and shook my hand for a few minutes until the pain subsided. Then, I turned around and jumped a few more times (much more successfully) and we finished up with a nice one-handed hack out through the back of the property for about 30 minutes while I regained the feeling in my hand.

My thumb is bruised, swollen, and definitely sprained. Good thing is, God granted my prayer and injured my left hand. Maybe I should pray for a new job while I'm on a roll. :-)

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