Friday, October 1, 2010

Friend Therapy

Steffen Peters shares his bronze
medal with Courtney King-Dye
I'm really loving Steffen Peters lately. I'm not a big follower of Grand Prix dressage, but I do know who our top riders are and I have been paying attention to the competition this week in Lexington (for better or for worse). And, speaking of loving Steffen Peters, I don't think I gave him his proper due for winning individual bronze on Wednesday! It was good to see someone who works so hard be rewarded. The Americans are sometimes left off the podium in international dressage competition, so everytime I see them medal, I think it's quite an accomplishment.

Steffen getting a well-deserved "thank you"
kiss from Courtney for his friendship and
his kindness. I'm sure his wife didn't mind,
in this particular case!

Now, back to my original purpose with this post. I just saw the article on Dressage Daily about the private party for the USEF dressage team members and I couldn't help tearing up a little bit seeing the photos of how happy Courtney King-Dye looked there with her husband and all of her friends. I'm sure that this time at WEG has been bittersweet for her, but I bet she has cherished every second of it and has progressed more in one week of "friend therapy" than she has in any other week of her courageous comeback. And, how lovely of Steffen to "share" his medal with her! Good people are everywhere.

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