Tuesday, October 5, 2010


U.S. national para-dressage champions,
Rebecca Hart and Kazan.
(Photo by Linda Slade on The Chronicle of the Horse)
Today, the para-equestrian dressage (Para-dressage) kicks off at WEG! This is the first time that the para-equestrian competition has been held concurrent with the other 7 FEI disciplines at a World Equestrian Games.

I think it is amazing to see athletes who might not otherwise have the physical strength to compete in a sport be able to enjoy the special experience of being an equestrian. Horses don't ask how many arms you have, or how many legs, or how well you hear, or see; they love everybody equally. The para-equestrian riders are incredible and I can't wait to watch some of this online! Life is too short to not spend the majority of it....on the back of a horse. :-)

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