Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sweet Silver!!!

Canadian eventers on the silver medal podium.
(Photo by Lisa Slade
on The Chronicle of the Horse)
For the Canadian eventing team, winning the silver medal at the World Equestrian Games this weekend wasn't coming in second was an all-out invasion!!! Amazing job for those horses and riders. They showed how well they have been coached, prepared, and trained for years leading up to this competition. They have been honed and groomed as a team for a while, and the U.S. should take note. You can't make a team out of a last minute collection of eligible riders. You need to "know" who your team members are going to be years in advance, and foster them over a period of time so that in selection situations, they are choosing from a ready pool of combinations, and not just whoever is left standing.

Andrew Nicholson putting in a great
show jumping round.
(Photo by Lisa Slade
on The Chronicle of the Horse)

 And what about New Zealand? Quiet and sneaky, they moved up the standings on cross-country day and did what Andrew Nicholson and Mark Todd do best....ride solid and accurate to the very end. Congrats to Andrew for his bronze medal finish as an individual, and a bronze medal winner as part of the NZ team.

British rider, William Fox-Pitt, and his horse Cool
Mountain on cross-country.
(Photo by Lisa Slade on The Chronicle of the Horse)
 Do I even need to say that the Brits won team gold and individual silver? They are outstanding, as ususal, and will be celebrating tonight!

Here is a video that shows a few highlights at the big water complex from cross-country yesterday. It features two of the wonderful Canadians, as well as my personal favorites, Geoff Curran and The Jump Jet. Yay, eventing!!!

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