Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vintage Rolex

I will end this gorgeous, sunny week on thoughts of spring events, and with that -- of course --  come thoughts of the biggest spring event of all: the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event. Back when I was a little pony clubber, galloping around wildly jumping anything I could find, and clinging to the neck of my "future Rolex pony" (ah, to dream), my mom took me and my sister and 2 of our fellow-dreamers to Rolex. It was my first time there and I was just blown away. 

I had seen eventing on my t.v. screen (in the form of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and the epic film, International Velvet), but I had never seen it up close like THAT. As a pony clubber, I was in love with eventing and read everything I could about it, so I knew who the big players were (Bruce, Jimmy, the Karens, Torrence, Lucinda, Ginny, Mark, etc.). To see them in magazines was one thing, but to see them right there in front of me was like I had died and gone to heaven. I still get giggly when I compete at the Kentucky Horse Park (no matter that it might only be at beginner novice or novice level!) and my little horse gets to stay in the same barns that the Rolex horses do. Here are a few photos from the 1989 event, won for the 3rd time that year by Bruce Davidson and Dr. Peaches. Come on, spring!!!

Bruce circling the ring before his dressage test.
David O'Connor and Wilton Fair (winners the next year in 1990)
prepare to enter the ring.
Karen Lende (at the time) riding The Optimist.
Karen Stives and Yankee Girl.

Karen Stives and Yankee Girl.
The lovely, late Kari Barber and THM Storm Airs.

DOC and Wilton Fair on Phase A (Roads and Tracks)
Bruce and Dr. Peaches on cross-country.
Derek DiGrazia rides cross-country.
Derek DiGrazia at the Tiger Trap.
Karen Stives and Yankee Girl on cross-country.
Kari and Stormy on cross-country at the Jenny Lane Crossing.
Louise Merryman and Great Expectations almost home over
the Giant's Bench.
Mike Plumb walking cross-country.
KOC and The Optimist after cross-country.
Bruce (in 1st after cross-country) talks to the press back at the barns.
(That's my friend, Molly, walking behind him!)
Karen Stives show jumping.
Bruce and Dr. Peaches show jumping.
Bruce and Dr. Peaches enter the triple combination.
Victory gallop!