Thursday, February 10, 2011

Waity Katie: Keeping it horsey

Kate Middleton at Gatcombe/Festival of BritishEventing

The current Queen of England is famously "horsey." Her daughter, the Princess Royal, is decidedly horsey (an eventer!), and her daughter -- the Queen's granddaughter -- is very horsey (and quite a talented eventer, too). The Prince of Wales is horsey, his 2 son's are horsey, and their step-mother (the Duchess of Cornwall) is incredibly horsey. So, shouldn't it stand to reason that the soon-to-be Princess Katherine (and, most likely, the eventual "Queen Katherine") should also be horsey? Mmm.....not so much. But, at least she does stay in the loop by attending lots of horsey activities. Here are a few photos of her at recent horse trials (The British Open Championship/Festival of British Eventing at Gatcombe Park and, of course, Badminton Horse Trials). I wouldn't really advocate a white skirt be the clothing article of choice at an international 3-day event -- particularly one that is historically MUDDY -- but she works it and wears it well. Thanks for going "eventing" and giving it a go, Katie! 

Kate attends Badminton Horse Trials
on cross-country day.

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