Friday, May 11, 2007

At least someone is trying...

I read an interesting article about Prince Charles's eco-awareness practices in May's issue of Vanity Fair. There are certainly 2 sides to every coin ("If the Prince is so concerned with the environment, then how come he flies chartered jets all around the world and drives a Range Rover?"). He admits he is not a puritan, when it comes to every aspect of environmental issues, but at least he's made a start. I am interested in his Duchy Originals line of organic foods (sold in shops in the UK, and sold online for the rest of the world). I am also intrigued by the fact that he and Camilla recently flew commercial to New York, simply sitting in first class and smiling pleasantly to the rather shocked fellow passengers on their British Airways flight.

One of his current initiatives is to try and instigate a marketplace "transparency" of resources, regarding the carbon dioxide costs for transporting and shipping products all the way around the world. Why use 60 tons of carbon dioxide to fly bottled water into London, when it can be trucked in (using biodiesel fuel) from Scotland?

I think that there are a lot of negative things intoned by the press about Charles's attempts to live a more green life (it's easy when you're the future King of England to live differently than the rest of the world) but I applaud his progress, and even radical efforts, none-the-less. If the English can't try to get the world to understand the beauty in organic food processing, reducing carbon dioxide levels in freight transportation, and preserving the forests, then who can?

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