Friday, May 4, 2007

Badminton Horse Trials: DAY TWO!

Well, since the UK is 5 hours ahead of good ole Tennessee, I get to ponder the current Badminton results at a rather early hour, compared to waiting all day for news from local events! Looks like Kim and Dan are in 2nd place, 3/4 of the way through the dressage, which will place them well up in the order going into the cross-country tomorrow morning. Good for Kim! But, as always, lately, our current World Champion, Zara Phillips, is looking to unseat everybody. I'm sure her mother is thrilled for her, as usual! I used to dislike Zara a lot, as I felt that she was more of a randy socialite (constantly in the pages of my HELLO! magazine) than a serious eventer. Since she has matured a bit, settled down with Mike Tindall, and brought along her horse Toytown, she's really showed that she's not just a spoiled royal, or an undeserving product of a privileged eventing heritage (mother: Princess Anne; father: Capt. Mark Phillips). I like Toytown (and, only slightly because he looks like Eddie!), and I like the fact he's a difficult horse to ride and she has done all the work with him...brought him to where he is practically from the beginning, with the help of her mother, father, step-mother, and Andrew and Bettina Hoy. She has certainly shown the world that she is no joke.

Best of luck to everyone at Badminton tomorrow. I'm sure it'll be another tough cross-country course, as Badminton is "the event."

(Photography by Tim Nicholls)

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