Friday, May 18, 2007


I'm a horse/farm girl; therefore, I'm a big-time truck girl. My dream car would be my friend Amy's Ford F250 Super Duty crew cab, in dark forest green, with all the chrome accents, running boards, and full towing package. Sweet!!! But, then again, while we're on the subject of "sweet!!!", so is Amy's new horse farm in Florida, with a pristine "barn queen" barn, and in-ground pool. Alas, coveting Amy's new truck, new house, new barn, new horse, and her new trainer (Jonathan freaking Holling...who I worship and adore) is not what I'm here for today. :) Today, I'm going to talk about "my" new truck, which will be the means by which I haul the ponies over hill-and-dale until I'm debt-free enough to buy my own truck.

My parents just got a new Silverado 2500, and as such, I also "got" a new Silverado 2500. I should get to drive it this weekend, in the lead-up to my departure next week for Lexington and May Daze Horse Trials. I'm excited about getting out to my first competition of the year, but I'm also anxious, as I don't feel quite ready and I am certainly not in shape. I may not produce the most lovely dressage test next weekend, and I may not show jump with the same textbook form I've exhibited in the past, and I may not be able to ride with the grace and control I so long for cross-country...but I will be arriving and departing in style. So, Eddie better get on his running shoes, because we are hitting the road next Friday on the first leg of our late spring/early summer competition and training schedule, and we won't be looking back.

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