Thursday, May 24, 2007

May Daze!!!

So, my first event of the year is upon me. Whether we're ready or not, Eddie and I leave in the morning for Lexington to compete in the May Daze at the Park horse trials. We're in a division of about 20+ riders, so unless they've decided to further divide the divisions (we've only got A-C right now), then I likely won't be coming home with a ribbon, as our dressage just isn't usually enough, even when our jumping goes cleanly and smoothly. But, I'm really wanting to move up to Novice this year, so I'm going to this competition -- first and have fun! -- and secondly, to gauge our readiness and ability to move up a level at the end of the summer. I'm not going up there to win, I'm just going to see how well we're doing (on our own, with little or no instruction since February). I'm hoping for a nice, fun, solid outing. Oh, yeh, and I'm hoping to not fall off! :)


Jennifer said...

Good luck! I'd say break a leg, but that would not be good :-)

Gary said...

Good luck, Holly! I hope you enjoy your week in Lexington.