Friday, June 15, 2007

Concrete, y'all

Ok, so on our way out of town Wednesday, via I-75 South, there was the comment made that, "It's too bad that we didn't take highway 411, Gary, since you would have liked to see Eddie's World of Concrete." This fact was processed, acknowledged as a sad tragedy, but then we moved on. On the way BACK to Knoxville, however, we took the more scenic route North on highway 411. At about noon yesterday, we rolled into Eddie's World of Concrete. There are lots of concrete statuary places out there, but Eddie's is a real gem. I bought a concrete garden gnome as a "souvenier" from our event-filled trip to Atlanta, and I bought my parent's a totally tacky and utterly inappropriate lawn jockey, because they will love it. And, it's already wired for a lantern, and David has agreed to help me install one for them, so it won't just be one of those shabby and useless lawn jockeys that everybody has. It will be shiny, functional, yet still totally kitsch and unnecessary (like 90% of my parents' belongings).

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