Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Two Sides of a Woman"

"Imagine 10 women coming down a corridor. You can't see them; it's pitch black. You hear them getting closer; you know the sound, you know it is women. You sense that one woman among them is a woman you think. Now you know which woman. You think. It's not only a woman you know, it is the one person you know better than any other. Maybe. Yes. Except for certain amazing days when you don't know her at all. (There you are - one day - all settled in, sitting there like a fool, thinking everything is in place. You should know better.) Today she is an encompassing wind, sweeping through every part of your life, every part of your brain, rearranging even the past. She brings you down when you are too far up; she lifts you up when you are down. When you are crazed, she is sane. When you are calm, she is wild. When you are in a rage, she is all perfect logic. When you are mad, she is madder. When you are truly happy, she lets you run far ahead. Who is this woman? Isn't she, sometimes, more than one? Isn't she, sometimes, at least 10? Yes. Especially sometimes." -Anonymous

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