Friday, June 1, 2007

Goodbye, Kentucky!

Well, it was a busy week, but a good one. And, now, I'm ready to cross the mountain and get back to Tennessee. I miss my mess there in Knoxville, so I'm heading home this morning, and taking the afternoon to catch up on my housework, yardwork, and pony-tending. Luzaz needs a bath!

I enjoyed my time in Lexington and look forward to coming back. Let's just hope they don't go crazy and try to talk me into moving up here (I'd need a seriously sweet re-lo package, which I know Wilbur is so adverse to, in order for it to even be remotely feasible). I'd have a very hard time saying, "no." I'd have a bit of an easier time saying "no," though, as I am fully aware that if I were to leave the Knoxville office for another Wilbur haven, in another state, there would be a hit out on me faster than I could say, "Erika, won't you miss me when I'm gone?" :)

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