Thursday, June 7, 2007

I am an eventer

Since my first USEA recognized event last spring of 2006, I've been an "eventer," but reluctant to get all "I'm an EVENTER!" I had puttered around in pony club eventing, and I've always been an avid eventing trainee (just never had the chance before now to actually get out and compete at a recognized event), but I was never really AN EVENTER. Now, I know I am only competing at Beginner Novice, after all, and for my friends who are riding at Training level, Prelim, and even Intermediate...well, Beginner Novice is just embarassing. But, everybody has to start somewhere, right? And, neither I nor my trusty steed had ever done a USEA recognized horse trial before last year.

So, imagine my surprise when not only did we bust it all out this year at May Daze and finish 4th in our rather large division, but I also have been informed that Eddie and I are qualified for the Area III Championships (this weekend at Poplar Place, so that's a "no go"), the Area VIII Championships (in Ohio the first weekend of September), and we are also qualified to compete at the 2007 American Eventing Championships at Lamplight Equestrian Center in Illinois. We placed 5th at MTPC last October and we just placed 4th at May Daze (two 1-5 placings at recognized events is all you need to qualify for the AEC's). Unfortunately, AEC's this year are about a 10 hour drive, so I won't be going. Plus, I'm hoping to move up to Novice this year, so I think I need to focus on that, rather than how many championships I am qualified to attend, etc. But, I sure will feel special when I see the "qualified horses/riders" list for the AEC's this year. Imagine that!

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