Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Pony!

This is Theodore O'Connor, being ridden by Karen O'Connor (no relation), at Rolex this past April. In the world of eventing right now, EVERYBODY knows who "Teddy" is. He has his very own fan club, his own ownership syndicate, and an endless list of sponsors and supporters from all around the world. He's taken the international eventing world by surprise and by storm, with his tiny size (he is the only card-carrying pony to ever complete the Rolex 4-star event), his effortless jumping style, his quickness and agility, and his adorable personality. I had an eventing pony when I was little, and occasionally he jumped anything I pointed him at, but on the whole, he liked to "ask questions first, and then jump later." Teddy seems to be just the opposite: jump, jump, jump first, then say, "How did you like that, folks?"

Karen and Teddy have been named to the team of 5 horses and riders who will travel to Rio de Janiero, Brazil in early July to compete for the U.S. in the Pan American Games. Whether it's a warm-up horse trial, a World Cup qualifying event, a 4-star competition, or an international team 3-day, he treats them all the same way: perks up his ears, kicks up his heels, and gallops like there's no tomorrow. What a super little guy and what an honest and positive breath of fresh air for our rather heartbroken and beleaguered sport right now. Go Teddy!!!

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