Thursday, October 18, 2007

Back in the day

When I lived in Vail, I tried lots of new things: eating fried squid, mountain biking and hiking the ski slopes in the summer, going to Rockies' games, shopping in Denver, being a mom, skiing everyday for 3 months, and roller hockey. The last of these items seems a bit out of place for me, and rather unusual for someone as HIGHLY uncoordinated as I am. But, as this picture will tell, try it I did. I wasn't really that great at it (there's a good reason for those knee pads), but I had fun. I was good with the stick and the shooting, but terrible with the skating and ball/puck control. My friend Ned took this picture when we were out playing one day in Eagle Vail. I love the "No Slapshots" on the wall in the background...because, as you can clearly tell, I'm a pretty hard core hockey player and wicked slapshots are my game.

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