Thursday, October 4, 2007


This past weekend, my sister and I were at my parents' house for some fun family festivities (as discussed in my previous post, re: Big Bertha and the boat). This year, for our company holiday party, the organizers have asked all the employees to provide pictures of themselves in a much younger, childhood incarnation. They are creating a slideshow of everyone's pictures to project during the dinner and people are encouraged to guess who the various photos are (with some sort of prize attached to the winning number of correct guesses). I flipped through the old family photo albums looking for a few of myself, and I came across some fun pictures of me as about a 5 or 6 year old. I was really cute then. Alas, I can no longer be characterized as "cute." Anyhow, here is one I found of me and Melissa. I liked it, because you can tell what an awesome big sister I am. I am the nicest ever!

By the way, check out Melissa's bangs. Stylish!!!


Jennifer said...

My sister and I were given the same haircuts as kids! You look so cute in your picture! are still cute :-)

Holly said...

Thanks, Jenn! You're my personal cheer leader. What would I do without you?