Friday, October 19, 2007

Go Vawlths...

OMG. I found this picture the other day and couldn't help posting it. It is basically humiliating, but hilarious all the same. This is me and my friend Kelly in a decidedly NON-SOBER state at Neyland Stadium a few years ago. Klassy, with a "K", aren't we? And, if you think that random people in our vicinity didn't get accidentally poked in the head about a dozen times with that huge foamy finger, then you would be wrong. It's kind of large and unwieldy, so difficult to control, in certain (drunken) situations.

I do believe that Kelly's equally trashed boyfriend (and now husband), Randy, had his finger over the lens when snapping this fabulous image. We were a struggling mess, and I was obviously doing a great job of getting my "Britney Spears" on.

Tomorrow is the Tennessee/Alabama game, so I thought I'd honor the occasion with a trip down memory lane, back to those foggy, Jim Beam-filled days when I frequented Neyland Stadium every home game Saturday during graduate school. I think the last time I actually went to a game there was when Shane and I attended the TN/GA game together (or, was it the TN/Bama game? All I remember was Charlie Daniels sang at half-time!) right before he moved to Louisiana. Fortunately for Shane, I was nowhere near the same horrifying state of grace at that game as I was in this lovely photo. Ah, well: we live and we learn.

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