Friday, May 20, 2011


Megan, left, with Lauren and Brandy at Poplar
Ok, I'm totally cheating on my blog post for today by simply linking to my friend Megan Corbett's Poplar Place horse trials re-cap. BUT....I will defend this decision by saying that it's a great re-cap....and, because I'm overwhelmed this week trying to get through the last week of the Knox County school year, so Megan's life is way more exciting than mine right now. I also think it speaks very highly of me that I'm able to sit here at home and look at my horse standing in the field while ALL my friends are out there riding their first Training event, or prepping for a fall two-star, or getting ready for a summer move-up, or just out there riding and schooling and training.....which I'm.....not. But, I'm HAPPY for my friends who are. REALLY, I am. :-) 


Lauren said...

...and going broke trying to do so in the process... ;)

Holly Ratcliff said...

I've been broke for a while, so if you're still "going broke," you're staying one step ahead of me. It's ok....I'll be back before too long!