Sunday, May 22, 2011

Think Pink!

Pink has been the color of my world very much, lately. So, how happy do you think I was to see this little blurb in Garden & Gun online? Yes, if I were to have a signature color, it would definitely be Charleston Pink!

My front door with a wreath I made and peonies in a piece of
an old forage feeder I found in my equipment shed.

More pink peonies and mint, my homemade birdhouse (with a
South Carolina license plate for a lid!), and a cat.

More pink peonies!

Yet MORE pink peonies in my kitchen in an old Ball jar.

Even MORE pink peonies on the side table in my t.v. room.

I think that my idea of heaven would be nothing but lots
and lots of pink peonies......and horses, of course!

Still MORE pink peonies and mint, in a little watering can
my mom gave me.

Peonies, peonies everywhere. My house smells divine!

My poor, bald peony bush in my front yard. I have almost scalped it by
cutting fresh peonies everyday for the past 2 weeks!

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