Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Game on.

Don't judge a book by its cover.

It is no real surprise to me that I've taken the advice of Gary Lightbody and I have started watching HBO's Game of Thrones. With that being said, imagine my surprise when I realized that one of the main characters in this new series is a favorite of mine, Harry Lloyd (who was previously seen a few years ago as Will Scarlett on another of my favorite shows: Robin Hood). These little connections (Gary Lightbody --> British actor Harry Lloyd --> Robin Hood) are really not so shocking, since they are all just

Anyway, I have been entirely sucked in to the first 6 episodes of Game of Thrones and Harry's character -- Viserys Targaryen (who....[drumroll] can ride a horse) -- is so deliciously fascinating. Is he bad? Is he mad? Is he evil? Is he sick, immorally obsessed with his sister, and driven to borderline maniacal Narcissism? Or, is he simply homesick and misunderstood?  It makes for some interesting scenes, that is for sure. I think he certainly....hmmm, how should I say this.....outshines every other character in these early episodes.

Now, to move on to a few other key points that have me literally spinning like a top. Not only is Harry a lovely actor, but he is also a graduate of Christ Church College at Oxford University {sigh #1}. In addition to being an Oxonian, his degree is in English {sigh #2}. And, oh my lordy....this is a good one. As well as being a graduate of Oxford with a degree in English, he is: the great-great-great-grandson of Charles Dickens {sigh #3}. I kid you not. We're not talking about great-great-great cousin, or grandnephew, or even a confirmed distant relative thrice-removed. We are talking about a direct descendant. And, before you even ask: yes, he has acted in a Dicken's piece (a version of David Copperfield where he played the young Steerforth), so life sometimes creates these bizarre little whirlpools and everything just comes together. This kind of stuff cannot be made up. 

So, watch Harry in Game of Thrones, and check out the darling interview in the YouTube clip below. He does seem much more normal and appealing with his naturally dark hair and "everyman" look than he does with that creepy platinum wig when he's playing Viserys. 

Now, the big question is: but, can he write??


Kate said...

WOW he looks much younger in his interview than the screen cap from the show! He's cute, British, and not stupid. You should go for it.

Holly Ratcliff said...

Haha....Kate, you're very kind to give me the vote of confidence, but I think I'm perfectly content to admire from afar. :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, he gets his gold crown in Sunday's episode.

Holly Ratcliff said...

Ugh, yep, I saw that one (it was last week's episode). I was bummed, but thought he was the most dynamic character of them all....while it lasted! I think the majority of the other characters are pretty boring in their macabre and brooding manners. I'm interested to see what happens with the Jon Snow storyline, though. One of my friends has read the first 5 books in the series and has offered to loan them to me. I know what I'll be reading this summer!