Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Highlights

Well, even though I did not get to go to Rolex, I still enjoyed every minute of it and was thrilled (but not at all surprised) to see Mary King pull out the win (and finish an amazing 2nd place on her other horse as well!). Congrats to her and to everyone else who was a part of such a fabulous weekend

Queen Mary. This was definitely her weekend!

Shawn Flarida, on KR Lil Conquistador, won the Kentucky Reining Cup this weekend (held at the KHP concurrent with all the Rolex fabulousness). Although Shawn didn't win on my little favorite, RC Fancy Step, I like all of Shawn's horses, who tend to be on the small and adorable side!

And, speaking of RC Fancy Step, I have to say that Lyle Lovett's horse may give RC a run for his money in the golden-sparkly department. Look at that mane! I've always been a sucker for a palomino. 

Lyle Lovett (yes, that Lyle Lovett) and his beautiful
wait for it....."Smart and Shiney." I love it!
photo by Pablo Alcala

Two of my absolute favorites, Ireland's Geoff Curran and his wonderful horse The Jump Jet, won the Ballindenisk 3* in Co. Cork this weekend. I was disappointed that they did not start last week at Badminton and wondered if maybe something was wrong, but it would seem all is well and they are at the top of the podium this weekend!

Geoff and The Jump Jet
photo by Josh Walker

It would be a shame to overlook another winner this weekend: Jamey Price won a flat race yesterday in Charlotte at the Queen's Cup Steeplechase. Way to go, Jamey!

Jamey at the finish. The blonde in the black dress (with his parents) is his way-cool girlfriend -- my BFF Kelsey -- riding with him every stride!
photo by Neal Crotts

And then, of course, there was this:

And, this:

Then, there was also this:

And, finally, this:

Plus, I got brand new fancy-purple earbuds for my iPod, which has vastly improved my listening experience. It was a good weekend all around. :-)

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