Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I know that everyone has seen this video a million times already, but I've decided that before I head out to any future competitions, I'm going to pump myself up just like Jessica, with a similarly exuberant affirmation in front of the mirror (including some sweet dance moves, of course): "I like my hair! I like my hair cuts! I like my pajamas! I like my Eddie! I like my helmet! I like my boots! I like my breeches! I like my bridle! I like my friends! I like my sister! I like dressage! I like cross-country! I can do anything good.....better than anyone." I may also be sporting purple-leopard Zocks and flip-flops while doing this, too. So, for any peeps who might room with me at my next horse trial... You've been warned. 

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